Tend, Solo show of new paintings, opens August 2nd

Recent paintings
The Red Arrow Gallery
August 2-September 7, 2019
Painting can become many things in its particular way of note taking or organizing knowledge; landscape, abstraction, among others. These systems (grids) become a scaffold for pictorial inclinations. Stripes generate a placement in pattern, repetition and seriality. Textiles, associated with warmth, the body, pattern, domesticity and weave (stripes) inform this work, as do fragmentary shapes that are plant-like or jaggedly organic, bringing the “outside” into the studio. Hard-edged shapes exist with more rounded/floral moves.
The way I see my paintings is like how a folded map relates to a pocket, holding potential to be a locative device, to consider consequences and ask questions, including and beyond self-reflexivity. The work is always generated from a daily relationship to drawing, painting and reading. This exhibition asks what it can mean to care for and remain attentive in painting, revealing how my core iconography elucidates a conversation on abstraction and a generative, inexhaustible mark.

Nashville Artists at Duke Hall Gallery, James Madison University

Thanks so much to John Ros, Curator of Duke Hall Gallery.

Visiting Artist, James Madison University

Visiting Artist in conjunction with Greetings From Nashville exhibition, curator John Ros at Duke Hall Gallery.
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